2017 Duel In The Desert Wrapup

Thanks to everyone who attended our 14th Annual Duel In The Desert Pickleball Tournament here at Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort. We hope you not only had fun, but also enjoyed the competition and the world class 32 court venue provided by Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort.

This year our tournament had 623 players making it one of largest tournaments in North America and the largest club sponsored tournament. There were 848 matches played over 4 days. Our goal was to make the event an experience for each one of the players and spectators.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year (if not sooner). Our dates are March 1-4, 2018. Please mark your calendars.


Please see our photo links below arranged by date and the medal results.

Our sponsors played an integral part in making our tournament a success. Please think of them when you need some of the services they provide. http://www.duelinthedesert.rocks/sponsers-and-venders/ .

2017 Duel In The Desert Photo Links – Medal Pics, Action Shots, and more!
You will be able to download photos.


Duel In The Desert Tournament Committee

George McCulley
Jack Hays
Lance Theide
Bob Bonack
Judi White
Diane Weyant